Molly Green

Molly sat down with us to tell us about her journey from small child in Winfield, WV who loved everything about art and the creative process, to Lexington, KY where she now runs a creative collective called Onefold.

With clients like GE Appliances, FirstBuild, The Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Jefferson County Public Schools, The University of Kentucky K Club, Danville Tourism Commission, Kentucky Tourism and Safe Ride Kentucky, Onefold helps organizations, schools and businesses succeed through forward, design thinking. Powered by creative energy and an obsession with problem-solving, Onefold aims to inspire and succeed while creating lasting, positive change in Kentucky and beyond.

AAF: Dream job growing up?

Molly: Actually… Graphic Designer! I decided that this is the path that I wanted to take when I was in 9th grade, and stayed on the path the whole way through high school and college.

AAF: You’ve been in Lexington for 10 years now. What brought you here?

Molly: I went to school at EKU and when I returned to the states after some post-graduation traveling, I honestly didn’t know where to land. I returned to Lexington because it’s a great city with a handful of people I knew. After being here for a couple of years and getting my foot in the door, I really grew to love it. It’s big enough that there are lots of opportunities, but small enough to feel like you’re a part of a community.

AAF: What’s your favorite part about what you do?

Molly:  I love seeing a project come to life after all of the hard work that goes into it. We are creating something from nothing. There are so many decisions made along the way that impact the final product. To see something come to life—while understanding the meaning and impact for a client and their organization—is really rewarding. Then, that meaning and passion just amplifies over time because of the relationships formed while helping the people and organization grow.

AAF: What advertising trends are you keeping an eye on?

Molly: The digital world is changing so quickly and having a huge impact on how people see and experience content. The thing that I’m most excited about is the approach to finding authentic and meaningful ways to connect with people outside of the phone screen—the interactive, human experience. This isn’t necessarily an advertising trend, but it’s a crucial part of advertising that I’m fascinated by. It’s all about creating a meaningful brand experience that’s authentic and memorable.

AAF: How do you stay inspired while running your business?

Molly: Our clients and projects keep me really inspired. We are really lucky to work with people and brands that we love. I think that’s the most that anyone can ask for in this business and when you reach that point you don’t want to lose it.

Also, I really enjoy traveling. It’s one of the most effective ways to take a step back and gain perspective and insights that aren’t possible in the daily grind. I love getting outdoors and being active, learning about and experiencing other cultures and food. Where we spend our time from day to day and how open we are to the world around us makes all the difference in what we can create. As designers, our work is a culmination of everything we see and do in our lives.