2024 Ad Legends

Get ready for AAF Lexington’s 2nd Annual, Ad Legends! Join us at this year’s premier advertising event for a speaker series featuring industry leaders behind national brands, box office movies and award winning marketing campaigns.

Date: June 21st, 2024
Time: 12pm – 5pm
Location: Visit Lex Courthouse Event Space – Limestone Hall

Speakers include:

  • Corey Richardson, Founder of The Instigation Department, will share his expertise in leveraging cultural competence to create impactful marketing communications, with insights from partnerships with Nissan, Infiniti, Denny’s, State Farm, and General Mills. 
  • Coomer will present their Best of Show award-winning “Kentucky After Dark” campaign, detailing its creation and success.
  • Tim Calia, an award-winning creative executive, will discuss his work on iconic properties like Star Wars and Deadpool, sharing stories and strategies from his career at Twentieth Century Fox and Disney.

12pm: Buffet Lunch (included in ticket) and networking
1pm- 5pm: Speaker Sessions
5:30pm: Cocktails and beyond…


More about the speakers

Corey Richardson: Beyond The Insight: Leveraging Cultural Competence to Create Moments of Truth In Marketing Communications

Corey’s approach to marketing communications emphasizes leveraging consumer identity over broad assumptions to uncover key “moments of truth” that create meaningful connections between audiences and brands.

He established a robust insights and analytics division, growing it into a team of twenty-two experts across diverse market segments, including African American, US Hispanic, Asian American, LGBTQ+, Gen Z, and Total Market.

His strategic vision led to a tripling of agency size and revenue growth, securing major partnerships with industry leaders like Nissan, Infiniti, Denny’s, State Farm, and General Mills.

Tim Calia:

Join us for an exciting session with Tim Calia, an award-winning Senior Creative Executive known for his innovative integrated campaigns across AV, Digital, and Print media. He will be sharing success, stories, struggles, hurdles, embarrassing moments, and more. With extensive experience from Twentieth Century Fox and Disney, Tim has spearheaded global creative strategies for iconic properties like Star Wars, Deadpool, and The Simpsons.

Learn how he unifies creative teams and elevates their performance, fostering a culture of trust and excellence. Tim’s leadership and strategic vision have consistently delivered high-quality campaigns that exceed revenue projections.

COOMER: 2024 ADDYs Best of Show campaign, Kentucky After Dark

Discover the inner workings of the award-winning campaign “Kentucky After Dark” by Coomer. presenting their BEST OF SHOW work for the American Advertising Awards competition. They will delve into the campaign’s highlights, starting with an introduction and an overview of the opportunity it presented. Attendees will learn about the challenges faced, the insights gained, and the creative execution and implementation that brought the campaign to life. The session will also showcase the results and impact through a compelling case study video and discuss the future prospects for “Kentucky After Dark.”

For more details, visit Kentucky After Dark.

Meet the Coomer team,

  • Robbie Morgan – Director, Lawrenceburg/Anderson County Tourism