The Club

AAF Lexington is a professional group that works hard to connect, show appreciation, and educate. We are a community of industry professionals and aspiring students who come together to trade ideas, learn from one another, and represent this business in the way it should be represented.

Our activities include:

  • Monthly networking meetings
  • Social events
  • Educational seminars
  • Public service campaign development
  • Scholarships
  • ADDY® Awards ceremonies


Contact us if you have questions or comments about Ad Club Lexington or if you would like more information.

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2020 – 2021 Board Members

Fly on the wall at a board meeting at Lynn Imaging & Monster Color. Eye contact with camera provided free of charge.

President: Daniel Livingston

Daniel is a graphic designer and educator with the UK College of Design. With an extensive background in creative problem-solving and design education, he understands the power of design as a catalyst for social change. Daniel is always looking for ways that AdClub can make a positive impact in Lexington and the surrounding communities.

Treasurer: Greg Potts

A Cleveland native, Greg has been in Lexington since late 2016 after residing in Peoria, IL for 25 years. His career has covered many aspects of the marketing and advertising spectrum including co-op advertising, mar-tech, SMS/text marketing, and data-driven consumer insights.

Secretary: Adam Brown

Adam is the creative director and a partner at Marrow: a brand strategy, design, and technology agency for people who give a damn. Call him a design zealot, a provocateur, or—if you’re his mother-in-law—a bullshit artist. With Adam, brands embrace empathy as strategy, value audacity over relevance, and commit unequivocally to the remarkable.

Programs: Rachel Keeney

Rachel is an account executive at Zipie.

Communications: Haley Burns

Haley is a digital experience specialist at Zipie.

Creative: Laura Merchant

Laura is a graphic designer at Cornett and a freelance photographer.

ADDYs: Shawn Saylor

Shawn’s an avid member of the Lexington creative community, and heads up the team at Mediocre Creative. He likes clean lines and bright colors.

Membership: Joanne Underwood

Joanne is a Senior Consultant for Monster Color and has worked with advertising and marketing professionals for 25 years. She loves advertising and marketing, because without creative stimulation this world would be too bland.

Public Service: Teagan Miller

Hailing from Los Angeles, Teagan moved to Lexington in 2011 on a whim and is still amazed at the creative community she stumbled into here. In her spare time you can find her coaching clients, reading Tarot cards and drumming poorly. She handles operations and messaging at Mediocre Creative.

Education: Adriane Grumbein & Shannon McCarthy

Adriane is an associate professor in the Integrated Strategic Communication program at UK; Shannon is an assistant professor in the Department of Art and Design at EKU.

Executive: Kameron Kragel

If you meet Kameron, odds are there will be graphite smeared all over the side of his left hand. He studied accounting & finance at UK, and got his master’s at Auburn. In his spare time, he loves serving on this board and working with so many terrific people in the creative/ad industry. This Club is perfect for that.