Jason Epperson

Kentucky native Jason Epperson sat down with AAF to tell us more about Eppic Films – the award-winning film and television production company he founded. Those awards aren’t just gold stars… Eppic Films has won 3 Emmy Awards, 20+ Gold Addy Awards, 2 Associated Press Awards, and was the 1st Runner-Up on FOX Reality TV Series “On The Lot.”  Jason has traveled all over the globe for projects ranging from feature films and network television programs to commercials.

After 15 years, Jason has built great relationships with loyal clients that trust his creative vision.

We enjoyed chatting with the man behind the camera.

AAF: Dream job growing up?

Jason: I wanted to work as a cartoonist at Walt Disney World. I would get in trouble at school for drawing and making animated flipbooks for my friends.

AAF: What’s your favorite part about what you do?

Jason: It’s a bit cliché, but I really do enjoy the whole creative process from start to finish. Most recently I’ve enjoyed delegating and managing projects from afar.

AAF: What advertising trends are you keeping an eye on?

Jason: It’s always interesting to see how social media platforms change and incorporate video content.

AAF: What do you do when you’re not working?

Jason: I’m always working.  When I do get a little free time, I like to do nothing.  Relax and chill with my family.

Find Jason at the 2020 American Advertising Awards & say hey.