Interactive Social 6

Interactive Social 6 Conference and Workshop

The Lexington Ad Club is thrilled to announce Danielle Evans as the IS6 keynote speaker and workshop leader.

Danielle is a creative director, designer and the founder of Marmalade Bleue, a nimble studio that combines photography, stop motion, and video to create visually stunning messages for billboards, commercials, installations, and social media campaigns. 

The Schedule

9:00-11:30am: Workshop with Danielle Evans
12:30-1:00pm: Larry Smith: Creating A Powerful Social Media Brand
1:15-1:45pm: Kendol Mason: Refinement of Fundamental Design Practices
2:00-2:30pm: Staley Jophiel-Munroe: Diversity and Inclusion in Design
2:45-3:15pm: Leo Morejon: Real-Time Marketing
4:00-5:00pm: Keynote with Danielle Evans

The Speakers

Larry Smith
Proprietor at Live Idea, Partner at THEMATIX

Larry Smith is a self-described “ad guy and computer geek”. Out of college, he moved to New York City and worked for Della Femina, Saatchi & Saatchi, Grey, and Euro MVBMS (Havas). In the late 80’s, Smith moved to Lexington to work at Jerrico as Director of National Marketing for Long John Silvers & Jerry’s. In the mid-90’s, he founded US Interactive, one of the earliest internet development agencies, which grew from his apartment to over 600 people and went public in 1999. So far, Smith has founded 9 companies and contributed to over 30 other new products and brands.

Kendol Mason
Art director and Brand strategist, Giftbox Creative

Kendol Mason is the Atlanta based graphic designer & brand strategist of Giftbox Creative. He builds brands around communities for small to medium-sized businesses in the print and digital space. Mason believes graphic design is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. This is a philosophy founded on clear communication through all human senses, trains of conditioned thought, and – most importantly – emotional intelligence, expanding into a portfolio from a wide variety of industries.

Staley Jophiel-Munroe
Creative Director

Staley Jophiel-Munroe is a commercial and editorial photographer, creative director, and all around marketing powerhouse. The former creative director of Prizm Magazine and a Columbus native, Staley‘s career spans from NY to LA, working as a photographer, art director, and coordinator within the creative/fashion industries. Limited Brands, Hollywood film sets, New York Fashion Week, and several magazines have trusted her instincts for impactful visualization. As a proud, resilient transgender woman, Staley vigorously fights for equality and is a frequent speaker and corporate educator with the intent to increase awareness and understanding of transgender life inside the workplace.

Leo Morejon
Social Media Marketing Leader, Sales Leader & Host of the ‘Prove It Matters‘ Business Debate Show

Leo Morejon is a successful social media marketing and sales leader known for distinctions such as a Guinness World Record for Most Facebook Likes, pioneering real-time marketing while working on campaigns including the Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Tweet, and leading sales enablement at SaaS companies in leadership roles. Leo is also known for hosting the popular business debate show Prove It Matters, where he humorously debates notable business people on topics ranging from influencer marketing to social media strategies. Leo’s portfolio of work includes brands, agencies and companies such as Mondelez (including Trident Gum & Cadbury), Estee Lauder Companies (including MAC & Clinique), Sysomos (now Meltwater), and Havas. He is also proud to be a dedicated educator with Iowa State University and West Virginia University.

Danielle Evans
Art Director, Dimensional Typographer, Writer and Speaker

Danielle is a creative director and designer who uses real life objects to create emotionally interactive, powerful art. She runs Marmalade Bleue, a nimble studio that combines photography, stop motion, and video to create visually stunning messages for billboards, commercials, installations, and social media campaigns. Danielle created and pioneered the design genre Food Typography in 2013 and continues to unlock the surprising metaphors contained in the objects around us.

The Workshop

Wonder why you’re hoarding 20 bags of pasta? Dimensional Typographer Danielle Evans might have an answer for that. Join us for an at-home workshop using common household items to create extraordinary lettering. No prior typographic experience necessary — just bring your curiosity and a set of clean hands.

This conference is fully interactive! During the workshop, you’ll be able to interact with Danielle, ask questions, show her your progress, and get answers! There is also Q&A time after each presentation throughout the day so you can get to know the speaker or subject better.

The Poster Art

A HUGE thank you to our Ad Club members and fellow creatives who helped us execute the collaborative poster art for this event. Artists include Shannon McCarthy, Randy Steward, David Loaiza, Natalie Tyree, Daniel Livingston, Laura Merchant, Danielle Evans, Ethan Wooldridge, Elizabeth Hall, Claire Monkman and Adam Brown.

IS6 is sponsored in part by Mohawk Paper and Graphic Village




September 25, 2020 - 9:00 am




$25 for the workshop, $25 for the conference (members), $35 for the conference (non-members)