2022 American Advertising Awards: It’s (Maybe*) Time to Wear Pants Again


Congrats again to all of our 2022 winners, entrants and community at large:

Thanks again to our judges Lauren Dickens, Emily Poulin, and Cate Roman.

Thanks to our guest presenters Dan Wu, Wylie Caudill, and Valerie Thompson.

Thanks to BaseHere for hosting and for making sure everything ran smoothly.

The Competition

Entries will be entirely digital this year. Upload any files that you think will help judges understand your work. It may help to think of submissions as portfolio pieces: show all sides of the packaging if you want, consider some pictures of the finished piece and not just flat art files, and so on. Your work will only be judged virtually this year, so consider the deadline, take your time and show your stuff.

The (Virtual) Gala and (In-Person) Watch Party

Click here to watch the replay of this year’s virtual gala.

Times being as strange as they are, we’ll be providing an entirely virtual gala this year (just like last year). Food will be provided by Sav’s Grill (including vegan options) and expect a drink (maybe two?) to come with your ticket at the door.

But! If you’re comfortable (and we encourage that you define comfortable as fully vaccinated and masked), we’ll be hosting an official happy hour watch party at Base249. Cover at the door will be $10 to help with drinks and food. No pre-purchases required (so you can decide on the day depending on health and happiness).

Competition Deadline

You can submit entries starting December 1, 2021. The last call for entries will be January 31, 2022. The entry window has closed for this year. Thanks!

Professional Entries

AAF Member: $90
Non-Member: $120
Rates apply for single entries. Each campaign entry has an additional $20 fee.

Student Entries

AAF Member: $30
Non-Member: $35
No additional charge for student campaign entries.

Rules & Categories

Both professional and student rules & categories can be found here.


Lynn Imaging/Monster Color

…and be sure to check out Belong Lex.

This event is made possible thanks to a supportive creative and business community. If you are interested in sponsoring this year’s American Advertising Awards, please reach out to treasurer@aaflexington.com