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Making the Connection: Design, Data, Digital

Wednesday, October 28, AAF Lexington presents Interactive Social 2.0, a two-session conference created for the forward thinkers, who are ready to thrive in an increasingly interconnected, digitally driven world.

The afternoon session starts at 2PM and will feature internationally recognized keynote speakers: Hans Neubert, Chief Creative Officer, frog design, and Michele Silverstri, Executive Vice President, Global Director of Design, WPP Team Detroit / Global Team Ford. They’ll share their insights on how design influences the ability to communicate the right message to the right audience.

Michele Silvestri
Visual Storytelling: The Power of Design + Data
In a world of hyper-connectivity and fragmented communication consumption, our ever-increasing volume of big data is only useful if it drives insights that are comprehended. And that is, to a great extent, dependent on how well they’re visualized.

Michele will explore the importance of design as a powerful visual storytelling tool to craft clear, entertaining and emotionally engaging narratives told via graphics rather than print, when faced with complicated data-driven stories to tell.

Hans Neubert
Never sit still.
“We live in optimistic times for Design: Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and even government agencies have discovered the power of design as an enabler for innovation and social change. In this context, the designer is moving from a role of crafty problem solver to a catalyst for systematic progress, no longer defined by aesthetic success but by how well we advance a holistic experience for the better. ’Never sit still’ is a conversation on the emergence of user experience design through past, present and future.”

The title of this talk alludes to the fluid state of user experience design as defined by interdependent problems, human behavior insights and the constant evolution of technology.  It also refers to Hans, who can’t sit still for long.

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