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If your organization has a current job opening, or if you are in search of a new job, please post your information in this section. Classified Ads can be submitted by emailing communications@aaflexington.com. Your submission will be reviewed to ensure that it is relevant to our members needs and therefore, every submittal may not be posted.

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Branding and Graphic Design Studio / Lexington, KY / www.shatterboxstudios.com
Position: Graphic Designer

Shatterbox is looking for an experienced and qualified graphic designer eager to grow with one of Lexington’s premier studios. The designer will work closely with the Creative Director and ensure that all creative agendas and tasks are executed with expert precision and the utmost quality. The selected candidate will be part of a talented team of designers and developers and will be doing work for a variety of clients/industries—local and national. Most importantly, Shatterbox is looking for an inspired candidate who is excited about design and can inspire those around them.

As new ideas come into the studio, it will be up to you to sort out how and what the is executed. You should have proven experience in taking a product from initial concept, through to highly polished creative concepts, as well as being able to pitch all this work to clients. You must have experience and a solid understanding of design and layout. You must be able to harmonize multiple voices into the perfect solution for a unified vision and drive that idea until completion. Your job will start in the Discovery phase (the idea) and run all the way up until delivery. Understanding of web and UI/UX design are definite benefits, however you will not be responsible for coding.

Expected Skills

  • Ability to articulate and execute designs based on a given strategy
  • Ability to work with multiple teams through every process of the project
  • Must be hands-on as well as a leader
  • Excellent communication skills including client interaction and presentations
  • Strong design portfolio demonstrating experience and diversity.
  • Basic understanding (minimum) of web/interactive design (no coding necessary).
  • Strong understanding of traditional design skills such as typography, branding and color theory.
  • Please include a link to your online portfolio to be considered.

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