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Get Connected at Interactive Social 3

Who needs to connect with humans? Everyone, especially in our field. Our work is meant to drive connections, relationships, and interactions—person to person or person to brand. If we don’t keep people at the center of our designs, our strategies, and our products, we’ve failed.

That’s why we chose this year’s theme for Interactive Social 3: Delivering Human-Centric Experiences. We can all use a little inspiration as we create work that speaks to real people, and this year’s Interactive Social is bringing it. We’ve got three incredible speakers who will share thoughts, case studies, and best practices for connecting through the powers of sense and story.

Read all about ’em:


Daniel Dejan, ETC Print & Creative Manager, Sappi Fine Paper

Haptic Brain / Haptic Brand

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In today’s digital-obsessed world, there’s still nothing like physical touch to drive home a point. The study of how our sense of touch shapes our thoughts is called haptics, and it’s the topic of designer Daniel Dejan’s talk. Dejan will discuss companies that have built deep emotional connections through touchable media, and will share guiding principles we can all use.

An award-winning graphic designer, art and creative director, production manager, and print buyer, Daniel Dejan is widely respected in the print communications industry. As North American ETC Print & Creative Manager for Sappi Fine Paper, Daniel provides marketing, sales, and technical consultation as well as in-house and end-user education for the print, paper and creative communities. He is also a member of Sappi’s Education, Consulting and Training Group.


Manija Emran, Creative Director and Title Designer, Manija Emran

World of Titles Fuelled by Interconnectivity

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Manija Emran is an Afghan graphic designer and typographer based in Los Angeles. She has created work for not only Oscar-winning films, but the Oscars ceremony itself. Her designs stem from a meticulous eye for detail, and include handmade title sequences for Rango, Robin Hood, Bad Teacher, The Help, Fright Night, Snow White and The Huntsman, and many others. She is listed as one of the Top Ten Women of Title Design by the notable Art of the Title, and has been awarded by D&AD, One Show, SXSW and TDC.

Manija will explore how film titles—a niche segment of the design and entertainment world—thrives and grows organically and virally within the modern Internet playground. Never noticed a title sequence before? You will after hearing from Manija.


Matt Rollins, Executive Creative Director, MaxMedia

The Power of Story

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Humans are storytelling animals. We communicate through stories, and our brains interpret most of what we experience as narrative—it’s how we make sense of the world. For those of us who build brands and design experiences, this simple idea fuels our efforts. Matt Rollins will describe how he and his team tell stories that connect with other humans.

For 20+ years, Matt Rollins has led cross-disciplinary teams with one focus: to create profound connections between brands and people. At MaxMedia, his empathetic approach leans on behavioral insight and the power of story. His work includes over a decade of involvement in the International Olympic Committee as well as collaborations with The Coca-Cola Company, Visa, and IBM.

It’s an impressive lineup and one that we’re proud to be able to bring to Lexington’s creative community. Interactive Social is always one of our biggest events, and this year’s promises to be a doozy. So mark your calendar for November 3—we’ll be at the downtown library (what better place to learn?). Come with your office or take the day off. Beat the rush at the door and register in advance. Get ready to connect with your fellow humans. Interactive Social 3 is here to blow your mind.


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